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“I'm committed to empowering men by helping curate the perfect style and image that is unique to them”

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“After just one hour with David, I felt like I had a totally new perspective on the life I wanted to go out and achieve for myself. It’s difficult for me to analyze my presence, which is what David does best. Honestly, this guy is the real deal. I already feel more confident.”

Tim S

Tim S

39 years

“David has endless knowledge on men’s style. He’s become my personal appearance coach, and I find him incredibly easy to work with.

Charles Q

Charles Q

35 years

“David’s experience shows from the first minute you sit with him for a consultation. His attention to detail, directness, and suggestions are mind-blowing, yet obvious in nature. I’ve honestly never worked with someone so naturally helpful and resourceful.

Kevin T

Kevin T

28 years
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