Frequently asked questions

What is an image consulting?
Image Consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate, and attractive appearance for any personal, social, or professional situation.

Can anyone become your client?
I do pick my clients carefully. They need to be open-minded and mentally ready to accept changes in their lives.

How long does the entire process take?
There is no one size fits all solution. Each individual is unique and therefore, the length of the process will vary. An initial consultation is required to determine the time required.

I saw you have some clients’ before and after pictures, will mine be posted too?
All of the before and after pictures you see on the website are posted with our client’s consent. At BVOY, we respect our clients’ privacy and keep our relationship confidential. No one will ever know you used our services.

Would you throw away my entire closet?
Everyone is different. Some closets are very neat, others are disasters. Some clothes could be very beautiful, but they might not actually fit your style. I would separate the pieces that I DO NOT recommend you to keep, but it’s always your call to decide if you want to throw them away.

How much do your services cost?
The amount of time necessary to accomplish my clients goals will vary depend on how much help each of them requires, therefore, the cost will vary accordingly.  I will provide you with a custom proposal detailing all costs after our initial consultation. If you are like my other clients: a busy professional wanting to look and feel your best, my service is priceless.