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BVOY Services

Ready to be Transformed?


  • Hair Style - A custom haircut tailored to match your new look
  • Body hair - Trimming and/or removal of unwanted body hair
  • Hair loss - Consultation in clinic with leading professionals in the field.

    Personal styling

    • Wardrobe evaluation - Deciding what stays and what has to go.
    • Shopping session - personal shopping trips with advice on current trends and selecting garments that will complement your body type and style.
    • Online shopping - Where to find carefully chosen items for your unique new style.
    • Build your look - mix and match the pieces.
    • Special event preparation - From a black-tie event to a career-defining presentation, a hot date to your entire wedding party..... We’ll make sure that you look and feel extraordinary.


      • Professional photos - Photos of your new look that will be used for your online dating profiles.
      • Online profile makeover - Fixing your online and social media profiles to make you appear more attractive and increase interactions.